Traffic Systems

Enex Traffic Systems delivers independent testing and verification services of fixed, mobile and handheld speed measurement devices.
With extensive experience in testing Inductive Loop, Piezo, Radar and LiDAR (Laser) based systems as well as providing Certification services.


Enex Traffic Systems also maintains the NATA laboratory certification for testing of Road Safety enforcement technology.

Fixed Speed & Red-light Camera Testing including:
  • Speed Accuracy Verification
  • Speed Reliability Verification
  • Sensor Evaluation (Inductive Loop & Piezo)
  • Radar Sensor Evaluation
  • Point to Point systems evaluation
  • Variable Speed Limit Sign, Lane Use Management System (LUMS) and Variable Speed Video Monitor systems testing
  • Speed Advisory Sign
  • Traffic Signal Evaluation
  • Type approval
Mobile Speed Camera Testing including
  • Speed Accuracy Verification
  • Speed Reliability Verification
  • Radar sensor evaluation
  • Vehicle Alignment Verification
  • Type approval
Calibration of Fixed/Mobile Speed Detection Measurement devices:
  • Inductive Loops based systems
  • Piezo Sensor based systems
  • Radar
  • LiDAR (Laser)
  • Pressure tape systems
  • Type approval testing

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